We are glad to introduce ourselves as an online interactive music education platform for serious music learners. We at Gr8 Masters are focused to bring in only selected great Mentors and Maestros for the guidance of such serious learners. We bring in the best of technology experience related to audio and virtual meeting to enhance the overall interaction. Current global scenario and technological advancements have changed the way of learning for all. Considering the changing times, Gr8 Masters App is a boon for music students. It is designed for serious music learners and through this app students will get an opportunity to learn directly from Maestros without any restriction of location. Learning instrumental and vocal music through technology and quality is our distinguished focus. The founders of Gr8 Masters are musicians themselves and have a rich business experience. We absolutly love what we do and we understand the problems of students of music. The management also has in depth experience of technology products and its implementation. We are super passionate about what we do and betterment of student's learning experience is our core focus. We strieve for continuous innovation and enhancement. Primarily, we are focused on Hindustani, Carnatic and Indian Light music genres. We are planning to have a workshop based approach whereby we will organise workshops on selected interesting and focused topics as per suitability and advice of the mentor. We shall be broadcasting these workshops on our mobile app / PC as live interactive sessions. We allow to bring in 25-50 shortlisted students from across the globe in the interactive session as per advice and suitability of the mentor. The same session will also be available to students at large (apart from those participating in interactive session) as view only live workshop. We broadcast high quality HD audio / Video in the live stream session. Learnings through live interactive sessions is the main idea behind introducing this app. We envisage to be associated with best in music field for this purpose. Students on our platform can opt a subscription model on monthly / yearly basis to get access to streamed content. The live workshop shall be separately subscribed as one-time fee. Thanks for coming to us. Wish you a great learning experience.