This is a course to learn and play Raag Des. This Raag is a very sweet melody that announces itself with the combination D s m G R - G ,N s S. The musical compositions in this Raag bear the Shadja-Pancham (S-P) and Shadja-Madhyam (S-m) Bhava and therefore very pleasing and essentially melodic This course of 4 hrs approximately is divided in various epiosdes on the basis of its content. The course includes: Aalap, Jod, Jhala and Bandish in various taals on raag Des. The format is designed in such a way that students will be able to practice. Eligibility: This course is desinged for intermediat to advanced students. The student should be able to play notes on a E base scale Indian Bamboo Flute. Structure of the course: This is a video course. The course is desgined for daily/regular practice of the raaga. We advice you to repeat the notes after the guruji in each session. Practicing it over and over again will give you undertstanding and perfection over period of time. You can pause and replay the sections for practicing particular phrases of the raaga. Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 situation the videos are being shoot at from home locations and hence may not give a high quality video for those session which are streamed online as live and then made availabe as course. For any query or support on how to use Gr8 Masters app please write us to support@gr8masters.com

Raag Des - Flute

4 Hrs || Raag Des Course

₹ 1000 / 3 months

Guru: Pt. Rupak Kulkarni (Recorded)

Indian Vocal,Indian Classical