This Course is designed for absolute beginners. It starts with how to hold the flute and blow it and takes you to a stage where you can play basic music notes and patterns on the flute. After learning and practicing the contents of course you will be able to know and play basic flute, which becomes basis of your next learning phase. It has 8 parts starting with introduction and basic and concludes with 11 different alankars (music patterns). The course is conducted by some of the best flutist in India Shri Aditya Sutar and Shri Mrugendra Mahodkar, both being disciple of renowned flutist and acclaimed guru Pt. Rupak Kulkarni. The course is designed and curated by Pt. Rupak Kulkarni and exclusively available with Gr8masters.com Its the most important learning as it creates the foundation of the learning journey.

Basic Course for Beginners

Learn flute from scratch.

₹ 999 / 3 months


Flute,Indian Classical