This course contains practice session for Raag Parameshwari. The course elaborates the raga in form of Aalap. This raga is composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar. This raga is very melodious. These accompaniments represent the form of Raga Parameshwari - Sa Re1 G1 M; c1 m dh m ; Madh Ni1 Sa'; ध नि1 रे1' sa'; Sa' ni1 dha m; m c1 re1; G1 Re1 , Ni1 , Dh ; , ध , ni 1 re 1 sa ; Part 1: 45 mins consists of aroha Avroha and aalap in the raag. Students will need to follow after the guru and aalap will strengthen the foundation of the raaga. Part 2: This is a 6 mins discussion and guidance on raag parmeshwari and raag prabhateshwari which is another raaga close to Raag Parmeshwari.

Raag - Parameshwari Flute

Live Zoom Class Recording

₹ 1000 / 3 months

Guru: Pt. Rupak Kulkarni (Recorded)

Flute,Indian Classical