Learn Raag jaijaiwanti on flute from Pt. Rupak Kulkarni. This course contains Aalap Jod and Bandish taken during the live zoom session in the month of Aug 2023. The course is suitable for Intermediate and advance students who can play E Base flute and can follow the Guru by listening. Notations are not available. Raag Description: This is a very sweet and touching Raag that has a very wide public appeal. However it is a very complex Raag. There are several combinations that give flashes of various Raags such as R R G R R G m P m G m G R ; ,P R as in Chhaya Raga, G P D n G n n D P D G of Raag Alhaiya , R R m P N N S' N S' R' n D , P D m G ; m G R ,N S of Raag Des and these are intimately merged to give the overall atmosphere of Jaijaivanti.