This course is suitable for intermediate and advanced students only. The course is a live zoom class session conducted over 6 hrs during the month of Sep 2023. The Raag Todi course covers Gujri Todi and Miya ki Todi (also referred to as Shuddha Todi or Darbari Todi) and covers Introduction, Aalap, JOD and Bandish (Raag Miya ki Todi). Notations are not seperately available. Please whatsapp +917208283500 for questions. In Raag Todi: S r g ; r g ; g r ; g r S - these notes are rendered using Meend from Rishabh to Gandhar and vice versa. Hence, the Gandhar used in this Raag is of lower shruti then the regular komal Gandhar (Ati Komal). In this Raag, Komal Gandhar is Vadi and Komal Dhaivat is Samvadi. This Raag is deep and creates an atmosphere full of Bhakti and Karun Ras.