This is a 2 hours course on Indian Classical Raaga, Raag Bihag, which includes aalap, palta and bandish in teental. User this course to riyaz and learn the raaga. Raag Bihag is a very sweet melody equally popular with both the beginners as well as experts. P M G m G combination is Raag Vaachak. Madhyam Teevra and Madhyam Shuddha are used as follows: M P G m G or M P D M P G m G or P M D P M P G m G. In Aaroh, Aalaps or Taans are always started with Madhyam Teevra rather then Madhyam Shuddha like: M P ; M P D G m G ; M P N S' N D P ;. But when Aalaps or Taans are started with any other note, Madhyam Shuddha will be used like: ,N S G m P N S'. In Avroh, Teevra Madhyam is used along with Madhyam Shuddha, like: M G m G; P D P M G m G. In Sapaat Taans (Straight Taans), only Shuddha Madhyam is used in Avroh, like: S' N D P m G R S.

Raag Bihag - Indian Vocal

2 Hrs Detailed Course

₹ 1000 / 3 months

Guru: Vidushi Manjusha Patil

Indian Vocal,Indian Classical